Thursday, July 5, 2012

Javarisi (Sabudhana) Vathal

The following post is from my archives. Last summer, I made Javarisi vathal in our patio and took it for my mom and sister when we went to INDIA for summer vacation.


Javarisi/Saboodhana - 1 cup
Green chili - 2
Rice Flour - 1 ½ tbs
Lemon Juice - ½ lemon
Hing/Asafedita - ½ tsp
Water - 6 ½ cups
Salt - 1 tbs

        Soak  Javarisi  with enough water overnight. Grind green chili with little salt. Salt keeps the color green , otherwise chili paste becomes dark. Drain out the excess water from Javarisi. Boil water in a pressure cooker without the lid. Once the water boils, add  Javarisi, salt and chili paste. Mix the rice flour in half a cup of water and make a paste. Add the paste and hing to  Javarisi  and let it cook till the koozh becomes thick but pouring consistency. Add lemon juice at the end. Spread a white cloth (veshti) or a clean plastic sheet on your patio. Spoon the Koozh on to the sheet.

Let it dry in sun for a day or two.  Store the dried vathal in an airtight container. Deep fry them in oil and enjoy it with hot rice and vathakulambhu.

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wow! looks great!! Nice Display