Sunday, August 4, 2013

Steamed Kale

Kale is a  cruciferous vegetable packed with nutrients that helps to lower the cholesterol and cut down the risk of cancer. It has higher content of Vitamin A, C and K along with other nutrients. I read that Kale, when  steamed yield very good benefits rather than eating raw.

 Kale                    -   1 bunch
 Coconut pieces    - few
 Lemon Juice        - 1tsp

 Olive Oil            - 1 tsp
 Mustard Seeds  -1/2 tsp
 Urad Dal           - ½ tsp
 Cumin Seeds     -1/2 tsp
 Red Chili           -1
 Coconut pieces  - few


            Wash the kale in cold water. Chop the kale including its stem. Steam it in a steamer or Idli cooker. Just to give a little Indian touch, give tadka with the ingredients under seasoning, add steamed kale, sprinkle some salt, add lemon juice and coconut pieces and serve. 

We just had it like a mid-morning snack .

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