Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chembu Roast(Arvi,Taro)

Chembu or Cheppankizhangu(Taro) is a root vegetable which is widely grown in Tamilnadu and neibouring state Kerala. We usually make chembu roast or use it in Morkuzhambu. This tuber has a gluey texture once boiled. It's a very good Source of Fiber.
I prefer always chembu roast . Most of it will be gone to the stomach even before it hits the dining table.
Chilli Powder
Pressure Cook the chembu with the skin. Peel the chembu and cut it into small rounds. Then Sprinkle Chilli powder,Turmeric and salt on the chembu rounds and mix it nicely to get the spice onto all the pieces. Heat the Kadai with oil and fry the Chembu pieces till it turns into golden Brown.
Serve hot with Rice and simple daal.

Kosuru : Taro root is used in "POI" which is the staple food of the Hawaiian . They pound the TARO root and add water to make desired consistency. They call it as one finger,two finger and three finger POI. More the water, more the number of fingers needed to take the "POI". Sounds Interesting. They even allow the POI to sit for 2 to 3 days to get a sour taste.


vidya said...

ur chembu Roast made my mouth watering.i hv not tried it before.My husband likes it very much.
so next time when we go to indian store our first purchase will be cheppankizhangu.Thanks for the receipe.waiting for more......................

Anonymous said...

mouth watering!!! my husband like this roast a lot.But at times i may get the chembu half roast!but yours receipe is really very good looks g8! and all your receipe pictures are fantastic!!keep up the good work!!!