Monday, February 6, 2012

Bottle Gourd- Yellow Moong Stir Fry ( Sorakai Payatham Parupu Poriyal)

I tasted this dish at my friend's place and since then, I am hooked. It's very simple to make if you omit the methi.


Bottle Gourd - 1 (medium size- makes about 2-1/2 cups)
Yellow Moong Dhal- 1/2 cup (soaked in water for 1/2 hr)
Green Chili - 3-4(Slit Lengthwise)
Methi Leaves - 1 Bunch (optional)- Triple cleaned and chopped
Coconut - 3 tbs
Onion - 1 Chopped
Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves

Method :-

First parboiled the moong beans and keep it aside. Heat oil in a pan and temper mustard seeds, cumin, curry leaves and hing. Add the slit green chilies, chopped onions and sauté it for a minute. Add the diced bottle gourd pieces to the pan. Cover and cook till the vegetable is half done. Sprinkle water if necessary. Add parboiled moong, turmeric, chopped methi and salt. Cook for few more minutes. Add freshly grated coconut to the vegetables and give a nice stir. Switch off the heat and serve.

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