Friday, June 8, 2007



This Culinary spice is also called as hing(Hindi), Perungayam(Tamil). There is no southindian kitchen without this spice in their spice box. Hing is sold either as blocks(dark Amber Color) or Powder(Mixed with Rice flour. Hence the powder is less scented and less effective than the block. Hing is nothing but gum or resin extracted from the sap of a fennel like plant. This spice has
exceptional digestive qualities.

Usually I prefer powder as it is hard to pound the block. My Mom gave a nice idea to make powder out of the block that I want to share with you all. Take the Hing block in a microwave bowl and microwave it for one minute. Flip the side and do it for one more minute. The hing becomes triple it size like a crunchy ball. Pound it using the Mortar and Pestle. It becomes powder in no time.

Store it in an air tight container and use.

Tips: A glass of thin Buttermilk with 1/2 teaspoon of Hing powder aids indigestion.

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