Friday, June 8, 2007

Vegetable Garden - Summer 2007

My Pyar to the Garden started when I was young(around 7 years old). The House where I grew up when I was young had a big thattati(Open Space like a huge balcony) with the raised walls. I used to keep rose pots, Table rose plants(don't know the botonical name) all over the walls. I used to plant Brinjal and Greens in the broken Cement thoti(Cement tubs which is used to store water). I used to visit my little garden as soon as I wake up . The same was true When I came back from school.

The habit continues even now. I stand atleast 15 to 30 mts in the Garden in the evenings after I come back from office. Mr. B gets mad at me seeing taking out weeds in between the Vegetable plants. He says I am over doing. He says that we will do roundup and it's gone. But I wanted to grow my vegetables organic and it might kill the plants too. The bond between me and my Garden gives me immense pleasure . I enjoy when I am at Garden and forget myself totally. I think the interest matters.

Mr. B Prepared the Vegetable Bed for me nicely . I put like 4 bags of Garden Soil over the bed. I bought 2 trays of Vegetable Plants for gaskosfamilyfarm near by my house. They have huge selection of Annuals and Vegetable Plants. The buying Spree didn't stop there. I bought from everywhere Home Depot, Shoprite Garden Center, Stults Farm....

Apart from this I planted Bush Beans ,Bitter Gourd and Keerai(Greens like Red leaves) from the seeds which I brought from INDIA 2 years back. They are growing very nicely.

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