Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snake Gourd Spongy Chutney

When I was cutting the snake gourd for making kootu, My mom mentioned that her cooking maid wouldn't leave even the spongy stuff inside the gourd and she used to make chutney with that. But my mom never made it though . So I thought of giving a try to see how that would be. I scooped out the spongy-like stuff along with the tender seeds with a spoon (or you could run your fingers through).


Pudalanga spongy stuff - 1 cup
Red Chilli - 3
Tamarind - pea size
Mustar&Urad - Tampered in oil

Fry Red Chilli and spongy seperately in little oil. Grind together with tamarind and salt. At the end add the mustard&Urad mixture and give a turn or two and take it out.

Serve in a bowl

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